What’s this?

This is my blogging face.

This is my blogging face.

I’m not one for mission statements or anything like that, but I just thought I’d just give a little intro to help y’all know me a little better – that is, if you were interested.  You could have not clicked the tab – I’m not the boss of you.

I may be young but I have a strong passion for the film industry.  However, I’ve never been fond of the pretentious nature of your average critic – in fact, being a critic is always looked at in a negative light.

This is something that I hope to change in time by presenting my views in a more conversational manner, morphing the phrase “critic” to “analyst.”  I hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as I enjoy writing it.  Also with the help of Tipsy Flamingo, I’ll be posting some awesome videos about all sorts of neat things.
Watch my Demo Reel here! Or, follow me @realreelgirl!

  1. Great blogging face! :O)

  2. Not wishing to advertise total strangers on your blog, Reel Girl, but if you ever worry that you’ve gone too far in a review – measure your writing against this.

    • …This guy has followers? God, he said “cleavage heaven”! Th-then he uses “mount” – like on a horse! There’s no review here, it’s just drooling over a respectable lady. My feminisms – I can’t take it!

      I need to market myself better.

      (If you’re going to be sexual at least be sexy.)

      • He’s about half an inch away from sending pictures of himself to her Facebook page – naked except for an I ♥ JENNIFER sign, strategically positioned.

  3. Looking forward to getting stuck in. Critics can definitely be pretentious, where did all the fun go?

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