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The Crazies

The Crazies, a remake of a 1973 Romero film, has finally reared its funky head onto DVD, thus I finally got to check it out.  I’ll just first start off with that I’ve never seen the original so I will never allude to it again, but will keep the Romero radar on.  However, judging by the fact that the only other Breck Eisner film I’ve heard of was Sahara (oh boy), I have to say he’s greatly improved.

     So if you’re like me and haven’t seen the original, here’s an itty synopsis: tiny bohunk town gets hit with HUGE *spoiler alert* government enabled */spoiler alert* virus that causes some kinda lethal insanity, and you, the loyal audience, follows the heroes throughout.

     Yep, screams Romero, dunnit it?  Unfortunately, it also tends to scream 28 Days Later, but I will give this team props for basing this virus off of previously existing viruses, as well as giving it noticeable stages and symptoms.  And I dug the cast; they were well-played unknowns, apart from Across the Universe cutie Joe Anderson (that’s right, I recognized you).  And yeh know, the visual effects were also pretty good.

     Thing is, it’s kinda predictable, like most movies like this: they break the wrong rules; carry many medical plot-holes (despite previously stated recognition); and just leaves me with a meh feeling, because I’ve seen all this stuff with many other infection movies.

The Crazies: This is the enemy’s bio-weapon?

Final Grade: C+

“…Sorry, wrong set.”