Netfix: Escape from Tomorrow


I wish the movie was as good as this poster, tell you hwat.

When news broke of this cinematic venture, it was hard not to be curious – a whole film secretly shot in Disneyland? A sci-fi horror film? This had my creepypasta meeter just spinning. After much controversy, this little number finally made it’s way onto Netflix. So how’d it fare? Hush now, synopsis first.

On the last day of the White family’s Disney vacation, Jim (Roy Abramsohn) is told that he’s been fired. Despite this news, he does his best to keep a happy face for his family. Little did he know that this day would get much, much weirder: what began as a wholesome family trip became a torrent of sex, lies and possessed animatronics. The White family’s facade comes tumbling down in a venture that is not only the end of innocence, but the dissolution of sanity.

This was a movie was really just a hot mess of ideas: sci-fi, infidelity, loss of innocence – it all sounds good on paper, especially with a background as wholesome as Disney World. Personally, I love this kind of stuff. And there’s a definite appeal of something that’s gone through this amount of red tape and altercation.

I think that what first put me off was how incredibly unlikeable the protagonist was. Granted there are two sides to every relationship (and the portrayal of the wife really wasn’t helping), but the way he was ogling the jailbait (and every other woman) to the point of neglecting his children really wasn’t making me care if this man lives or dies by whatever horrible means.

Though this does happen, which is pretty cool.

Though this does happen, which is pretty cool. More of this.

The ending was also, er, problematic. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it, but it left something to be desired. Or maybe the last bit just went over my head.

The Good
As mentioned, I love the idea of Disney world as a horror backdrop, especially because they didn’t take the zombie route. Not to mention the concept of false memories crossed with temptation – it’s perfect! The sci-fi tangent was without a doubt my favorite. Really, I kind of wish the movie was more like it’s inspiration.

The Bad
Though I was left with a lingering unease (good thing), that does not help the incoherent cluster that we’re left with. Maybe if they only stuck with the science fiction and developed that more, the story would flow a little easier. Or if they did a Pleasure Island route, that would be pretty cool too. But that’s just, like my opinion, or whatever.

The Impressive
Maybe I’m just whining too much. Escape from Tomorrow definitely sticks with you, and there’s a certain charm to the guerrilla aesthetic. In the end, it comes off as a moderately-budgeted student film, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If anything, I say it’s worth checking out.


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  1. How has Disney MegaGlobalCorp responded to the movies release? ‘Made secretly’ implies they didn’t know anything. It couldn’t have made them happy.
    (PS – I’ve done another page to screen.)

    • The wiki page says Disney generally ignored the film, but in the movie I recall the main character saying “Disney” and it was bleeped out, despite recordings of park announcements remaining in the final product. They also made the princess costumes and otherwise memorable theme park songs much more generic – but those were the more noticeable changes.
      I believe there was a great deal of legal hooplah as far as intellectual marketing was concerned.

      • I’m surprised the movie has actually seen the light of day. Disney’s legal team is composed of humourless Nazis who prowl online art sites looking for parody works.

  2. Okay, I just remembered that I wanted to look at the preview…. found it on IMDB and I think I’m going to spring for a DVD.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaand… going way off topic… have you ever watched two totally unrelated movies and found they had disturbingly common aspects?
    I’ve seen Take Shelter before, but today I watched it back to back with the 60s movie Belle De Jour. Interesting combo. Try it sometime.

    • That’s a great idea!
      I think this has happened before, but no real examples come to mind at the moment. Lately I’ve been on a bit of a horror kick, so I tend to stream genre films one after another.

      I just saw The Babadook and The Taking of Deborah Logan – I recommend them both.

  4. EFT DVD arrived two days ago. What a mindfuck! I’m wondering if the movie took place inside his head during his dying moments.
    He’s on the bathroom floor, his son has shut the door and walked away. The visit to Disneyland is reviewed and replayed with premonitions of death creeping in. And then afterward… a new family… and a nod to The Murder House?
    ‘I didn’t think it was possible, Vivian. But I’m happy.’

  5. I just watched this again, to wash the toxin of Holiday out of my brain. It stands up pretty well. But IMDB shows that writer/director Randy Moore hasn’t done anything since. Too bad. Maybe Disney got their revenge through more covert means instead of the usual lawhammer.

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