Ivan Locke’s life is about to change. On the night before a career-defining project, he is not on his way home to be with his family. He is heading towards parts uncertain, and is not returning home. Well, not that we know of, anyway. The trailer does this whole mysterious-intensity-thing better than I ever could have –

The whole film takes place in that lovely car. It’s kind of like Buried, but good.

Personally, I could never get tired of looking at Tom Hardy. Never ever. Is this adoration necessary for viewing Locke? No, but it certainly helps. I mean, if you can’t stand Tom Hardy and were somehow cajoled into viewing this movie, you’re going to have a bad time.


Come for the performance, stay for the beard.

The great thing about having Hardy carry a film is that, as history proves, he is damn good at it. His performance calls you to his attention and you cannot look away – because if you did, you know you’d miss something. This is also why I’m leaving out so many details, the film is pure performance.

Locke is a story of sacrifice, guilt, honesty, psychosis and hope – an emotional Pandora’s Box wrapped up in a BMW. I definitely believe it’s worth the ride.

Final Grade: A



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  1. The first ten or fifteen minutes I was on the verge of ‘Booooring!’ but I persevered, and I was glad I did. Hell of a way to meet your mid-life crisis, though.

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