Terry Gilliam

Spoiler alert: the overarching theme is wonderment. Not sure if I made that clear.

More to come!


Watch the Auteur Series introduction here!


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  1. Tideland looks interesting. But Gilliam sometimes comes across as a guy who sets out deliberately to film the unfilmable, expecting it all to end in disaster and in fact hoping for it. The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus was visually stunning but at the end I was left feeling more than slightly cheated.
    And just for fun, here’s Gilliam in a Monty Python sketch. You’ll spot him rather easily.

  2. His latest arrives here next month. Have you heard anything about it?

    • I haven’t heard too much buzz (but at the same time I don’t really look for buzz) – but I’m definitely looking forward to it. The more interesting things I’ve picked up on are how insanely low the budget was (namely for costumes) and that Zero Theorem has been referred to as an updated Brazil, whatever that means.

      In completely unrelated news, I finally watched The Ice Man and really enjoyed it – thank you for recommending it! Now to get to the others on your list…

  3. I saw it today and yes, a common theme to Brazil. One man as a cog in a vast machine. But TZT felt less bleak – this time the message was more ‘Life is meaningless, but fuck it. Have a laugh anyway.’
    And it felt complete too. As opposed to the Imaginarium etc etc which just sputtered out and left me kind of irritated.

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