WYSHW: This Must Be The Place

Just look at Sean Penn –


I’ve been looking so long…

Seriously, would you have ever thought he’d be first in line to play Robert Smith in a biopic?

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not the case. Today I’ll inform you about a strange little movie (that you can find on Netflix if you like) called This Must Be the Place. Penn stars as a retired glam rocker named Cheyenne who lives out his days chilling out with his wife (Frances McDormand as Jane the firefighter) in his own little world. Until one day his estranged father dies, revealing himself to be a holocaust survivor on a manhunt for the Nazi that tormented him. Yeah, it gets heavy, man.

And brief intervals of shenanigans.

Oh right, shenanigans.

I’ll be the first to say this movie’s kind of weird…which in retrospect is an odd statement, considering some of the titles I’ve discussed. This strangeness is made from the combination of Penn’s performance with the fact that this is a movie that can’t really decide what it wants to be, considering how silly some of the circumstances are. Being the type who enjoys being thrown for a loop, I dug it.

I think it’s fair to say that This Must Be the Place is really just a coming-of-age story for late bloomers…with Nazis.  And there’s David Byrne, who is always welcome on my TV. Cheyenne is a whiny rich boy caught up in his own adolescence, who realizes that there’s a much bigger world out there if he just got out of his own head – good thing it’s not as corny as it sounds. Come for the Sean Penn, stay for the soundtrack.

Next time on What You Should Have Watched, let’s talk about Ginsberg.


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  1. Speaking of WYSHW, look for Upstream Color and White Reindeer. Saw them at REV, and both are worthy of a film grad’s attention.

    • Looks like only Upstream Color’s on Netflix (thusly insta-queued). I’m sure to find White Reindeer somewhere about the internet.

      • It might be a few months before White Reindeer is easy to find. The director said at the Q and A after the movie that he was working on a distribution deal which might include Netflix, or some sort of online distribution, and maybe a DVD release as well.

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