Star Trek Into Darkness



Alright folks, Kirk and his crew is back for another adventure – this time with baddie Benedict Cumberbatch as a new adversary.  Okay, as it turns out, he’s not that “new.”  I’m not going to spoil anything, so this review will be a bit shorter than it really should be – I’ll say right off the back that it’s worth seeing.

Minus a substantial amount of lens flares, this installment’s very much like the first: we have terrific performances by an incredible cast, combined with nods to the original series.  Only this time, there are a lot more explosions to interrupt any moments of interesting dialogue.

Dat voice.

He may look weird, but goddamn Cumberbatch has a beautiful voice.

Without giving too much away, I would like to note and perhaps forewarn audiences that again, like the first, we’re dealing with alternative timelines here.  This in mind, the climax, though well-acted, distracts those who understand the reference.  Which is to say, it’s really good, but played off much goofier than it was probably intended to be.

On the upside, we do get more of the side characters, namely Scottie and McCoy.  That being said, a the character troupe as a whole felt a lot more dynamic, almost fraternal in a sense.  This heightened the risk of Kirk’s actions splendidly.

Star Trek Into Darkness presents a well-rounded story sure to keep anyone on the edge of your seat.  It’s classic sci-fi brought to the now.  But I’m afraid with this amount of bangs, glitz and CGI, JJ might be closely breaching Michael Bay territory.

Final Grade: A-


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