WYSHW: Get Low

Bill Murray.  C’mon, what else do you need to see this movie?

This guy.

This guy.

Really though, Get Low (2009) is a little sleeper film that’s worth a peek.  Based in 1930’s Tennessee, story is about a hermit named Felix Bush (played by Robert Duvall), who through the years has been the subject of many a urban legend, tall tale, and ghost story.  Finally Felix decides to rid himself of his burdens, wishing to throw himself a grand funeral party while he’s still alive.

Hey Boo.

Hey Boo.

Funeral director Frank Quinn (Murray), tempted by Felix’s hermit-wad-o’-cash, takes the task upon himself to solicit guests, opening old wounds.  The result is this bittersweet drama about love, loss, guilt and redemption – but really it’s not as grandiose as it sounds.  Get Low kind of like Big Fish, minus the magical realism and father-son dynamic – just simple, sadish truths about misconception and people, that’s all.  And it’s not at all drab, either – it’s actually quite funny and undoubtedly charming.

Sweet, sad, and incredibly over-looked – three things that make Get Low perfect What You Should Have Watched material.

Mmm...hermit money.

“Mmm…hermit money.”

Next time on What You Should Have Watched, Sean Penn gets weird.


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  1. It took me a while, but I found this. Imdb says it was released here in 2011 but I don’t recall hearing anything about it, so I’m assuming it was only a DVD issue.
    The opening scene was nicely understated. Especially in the music which could have over dramatised the fire. The story progressed well for the first half, but fell away toward the end. In the end, for me, the old man’s deep dark secret was not so terrible.
    Incidentally, my search for Get Low turned up The Razor’s Edge. Bill Murray’s first dramatic role from back in the mid 80s. This movie was my introduction to the books of Somerset Maugham and I read a good piece of his work. I had fond memories of the movie – which were, alas, mostly crushed by a second viewing thirty years on. I remembered Murray handling the role with a suitably straightfaced style. Uh, no. I’d forgotten the scene where Catherine Hicks says ‘We need to talk’ – at which Murray begins barking like a seal.
    In Get Low however he hit all the right notes. Not a perfect movie but I’m glad I watched it. Thanks for the hint.

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