Iron Man 3

I’m just going to say it: there is no better way to kick off the summer movie season than checking out Iron Man 3.  Forget everything that the second one did to you – 3 takes everything back to where it should be and then gives you some more.  And also forget everything about Tony Stark being all dark and foreboding – really considering the whole wormhole thing in Avengers, I don’t doubt he’d have a little of the PTSD, but I’ll get to that later.  Before I gush, I’ll warn some people off with a minor spoiler alert.  Got it?  Okay, let’s have fun.

Merchandising, merchandising!

Merchandising, merchandising!

Okay, so basically  Avengers happens and now Tony’s a little screwed in the head – so now he hobbies away making prototype upon prototype of Iron Man suits.  Meanwhile, a terrorist by the name of Mandarin has been setting off strings of explosions around the US, but lack of forensic evidence has authorities scratching their heads.  When Happy, Tony’s lead security, gets caught in the crossfire, it’s go-time.  Oh, and there’s friction with Pepper because Tony’s been a little on the kooky side, with the suits and the insomnia and all that angsty jazz.  But like I said, can you blame the guy?

I hate Mondays.

I hate Mondays.

As if it wasn’t all about Tony before, this time it seems as if his recklessness finally caught up to him (don’t worry, he’s still oh so delightfully reckless).  I’m not sure if he really needed three movies to do this, or if I can blame him.  I mean, he does have a lot of baggage, so I think this psych-profile business was a great way to meld the Iron Man franchise with Avengers.

On the upside, there’s plenty of humor – casual and otherwise – to offset the heaviness and remind viewers that this is indeed a comic book movie.  Also with director Shane Black behind this (who you might recognize for this gem), you know you’re in for an action/comedy treat.

It's all about pizzaz.

It’s all about pizzaz.

The thing is though, I think I found a lot of things funnier than I should have.  I was really digging the intensity of Mandarin’s videos…until he said “Amurica.”  He had a presence, but he wasn’t at all intimidating – like when he threatened a man, it just seemed like deadpan humor.  As silly as it was, Ben Kingsley’s performance is nothing less than enjoyable.

Then this happened.  I lost it a little.  This is really more of an example of the comic-book aesthetic of the film, but you would think that little perk would come into play later.  Speaking of which, what was going on with the credits?  Why did I just watch a montage of franchise highlights?  Regardless, whatever you do, stay til the end.  It’s worth it.

So is this really the end?  I mean, things seem pretty definitive, but since there’s another Avengers on the way, who’s to say about Iron Man?  I hope they don’t ruin a good thing.  Seriously, great job guys.

Final Grade: A-


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