Oh Danny Boyle, I love you so.  But what were you thinking?

Cassel doing his best Tard impersonation.

Cassel doing his best Tard impersonation.

I’ll admit the idea seemed like a good idea at a time: an amnesiac art thief gets tossed through his own subconscious web of secrets, lies and memories.  That sounds like a movie.  You have an acclaimed visionary director behind the wheel – that’s a plus.  But something somewhere went kind of wrong.

I think it might be the characters.  More so, the contrived romance between grumpy baddie Franck (Vincent Cassel) and hypnotherapist Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson).  I can’t say I really saw that one coming – but then again, I’m not much for romance, especially when it’s perplexedly forced.  Come to think of it, Elizabeth is really the only developed character in this whole film.  I suppose part of the intrigue of this film is that the characters aren’t entirely made to be likeable, given the primal context human nature and materialism associated with perception.

Oh man, why couldn't this be another Trainspotting?

Oh man, why couldn’t this be another Trainspotting?

On the topic of human anatomy, I just want to note that there were numerous opportunities for male nudity – none of which were taken.  I realize that nekkid Rosario played more into the plot (specifically referencing Goya’s nudes), but honestly I found it all grossly unfair.  But I digress.

Oddly enough I think I enjoyed this film more in retrospect.  Similar to Momento, once everything’s gathered together, character motivations make much more sense.  Like I said, similar.  Trance does a great job at skewing many dynamics of the human psyche, but makes a mess of putting its priorities together while shoving a sad excuse for gender politics in your face.  It’s a fun ride but a tad anticlimactic, screaming for more development.  Truly a film for the ADD generation.

Final Grade: B+


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  1. If it’s onscreen male nudity you desire, try Cowards Bend The Knee by Guy Maddin. As for Trance, I saw the preview and thought it’s probably not quite as clever as it thinks it is. I’ll be seeing Iron Man 3 instead.

    • I’m not familiar with that title but I’ll definitely have to check it out. I know male nudity’s making its way into popular cinema, but I’ve noticed it more in either raunchy comedies or dramas. I just think if they flashed a little dick it would have made Rosario’s appearance a little less…abrasive? Words are hard today.

      Also I’m totally looking forward to Iron Man 3.

  2. On another subject entirely, your new gravatar pic is a beaut.

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