Just try to get the theme out of your head.

Just try to get the theme out of your head.

Guess who has a keyboard and no way of getting out to see Evil Dead.  No big deal though – I decided to do something a little unorthodox and review something already on DVD, but fresh enough to avoid the What You Should Have Watched category.  From what it looks like, Hitchcock had a rather limited release as it was, and being a devout fan this was an automatic must-see.  And it doesn’t disappoint.

Right from the beginning, this movie sets the tone perfectly.  I had no idea it was possible to make a flawlessly tongue-in-cheek introduction to Ed Gein within the first minute.  I’ll be honest, it gets a little weird from there.  Since Hitchcock’s discovery of Gein’s crimes, Gein henceforth acts like a Jiminy Cricket sorta spirit guide, helping Hitch through his doubts and anxieties.  Somehow I doubt this was actually going on this way, but such is the manner of creative liberties.

Thrilling editing montage.

Whoo thrilling editing montage!

Hitchcock‘s real focus is really the stress of Hitch’s ego on his wife as well as his actors.  One thing that was greatly appreciated was the fact that they didn’t ignore the fact that Hitchcock was a voyeuristic, controlling creep.  But beyond a creep and a brilliant director, he was also a man rendered helpless without his wife, Alma.  Hitchcock thus serves as an apt tribute to a dynamic duo whose better half better not be ignored.  At the same time, it also gives an accurate portrayal of the beginning of a filmmaking revolution.  Yes, there was a time when a toilet was considered controversial.

In all, Hitchcock is an excellent pick for movie fans.  Despite the liberties and melodrama (I guess Hitch was good at throwing hissy fits), this is a satisfying biopic all around.  Also bonus points for James D’Arcy’s flawless execution as Anthony Perkins.

Final Grade: A-


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