WYSHW: Some Guy Who Kills People

Alright, you got me. I’ll check it out.

With a title like this, how can you resist a peek?  When I came across it, my mind was screaming, “Just how self aware is this movie?  Does he get caught?  Do I care?  Barry Bostwick!?  Aw yeah!”  Overall, I was pleased – hence why I am sharing this with you all.

This is a story about a guy named Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan), a man who’s straight out of a loony bin with a troubled past.  Living with his harping mother and working in an ice cream shop, Ken is your typical movie looser.  Ken’s life soon takes a hard 180 when not only does he discover he has a daughter, but also the guys who tormented him in high school have been popping up dead all over his quiet little town.  Ken might think that he has it made, but his mom’s boyfriend, Sheriff Walt Fuller (Barry Bostwick), is beginning to get suspicious.

“I have a splitting headache.”

Some Guy sets up like a slasher spoof, but delivers an odd sort of sincerity and a legitimate twist.  The twist isn’t terribly shocking, but it certainly was a relief – you actually get a feel for the main character, which was also unexpected.

I think just “unexpected” is a great term to sum up everything about this movie.  For instance, when we meet the sheriff and his deputy, they come off like a pair of screwball cops straight out of the ’70s – but then in a very well-written manner, the tone completely shifts, creating an incredibly entertaining experience.  The film is self-aware but only to a certain point, so it’s nothing like every other spoof out there.

Surprising and enjoyable, Some Guy Who Kills People is worth checking out sometime, whenever you’re in the mood for some revenge and stuff.  Next time on What You Should Have Watched, I’m going to break down an over-looked scifi romance.


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