Aw yeah Willis and time travel.  Together again.

In the future, time travel will first be made possible, then illegal, only operated by the most exclusive crime syndicates.  The year is 2044, an elite group of assassins known as Loopers are assigned to eliminate targets before they have committed their crimes.  You must always hit your mark, no matter who they are – even if it’s you.  Which is exactly what happens to Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) – the worst thing is, he lets himself (Bruce Willis) go.

I was totally drawn to this premise – granted, I’m a sucker for time travel but that’s besides the point.  I mean, how cool is this idea?  What would you do in this situation?  Well I was hooked.  And I’ll give it away – Looper doesn’t disappoint.  Apart from a fascinating story (and an interesting universe to boot), it has great performances, great rhythm and spectacular visuals – and they didn’t overdo the lens flare.  Crazy, I know.

I think the only distracting thing was what they did to JGL:


When I first saw the trailer I really didn’t notice much, but once I saw him in action…his face seemed a little unnatural.  I expected the jaw prosthetic – which was fairly flawless, but I think it was the creepy green eyes that threw me off.  Admittedly, the transformation to make JGL and Bruce Willis the same person is pretty awesome after it stops being jarring.

Looper is arguably the most solid sci-fi I’ve seen to date, deserving a spot snug against Twelve Monkeys.  I’m glad Bruce is back.

Final Grade: A


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  1. I didn’t really notice the work done on JGL’s face until Abe’s boys take him in for a chat. Those shots of him nodding and smiling while he waits for Abe to say something – after that, the impersonation was so close it was creepy.

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