If you recall my last installment of What You Should Have Watched, I hinted at covering a zombie survival comedy.  It is true that I was going to cover the 2008 film Last of the Living, but Imagesince my Poughkeepsie Tapes feature I decided to cover more easily-accessible films (I am so sorry No Roi, perhaps later).  So this time around I am still covering a zombie comedy, but I chose something a little more me.  Ladies and gentlemen, Fido.

Fido takes place in an alternate universe, circa 1950.  Radiation from space has turned the recently dead into flesh-eating monsters, bringing humanity’s savior, Zomcon, into power to end these Zombie Wars.  Zomcon has created a device to control zombies, allowing them to be civil servants to the higher class.  When a young boy named Timmy befriends his family’s zombie, calling him “Fido,” this causes a stir between his parents.  Then when Fido accidentally slips his collar and causes a small outbreak, their friendship is tested as Zomcon is called in to destroy the cause of the panic.


Truly a Kodak moment.

Fido is truly a zombie flick unlike any other.  The fact that it’s based in the fifties backs a subtle civil rights agenda, but it’s presented in such a way that it’s almost a subtle parody, especially because the film sports the theme that zombies are people too, even though they’re no longer people.  The setting also has a wonderful kitschiness to it, which allows bonus points in my book – not to mention an excellent cast, headlined by Carrie-Anne Moss and Billy Connolly.


I want this framed.


Cute, quirky, and equally disgusting, Fido is a must-see for zombie fans.

Next time on WYSHW, a comedy about being souless.


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  1. Great review. I like the way you think. Personally, I think this movie has all the right things going for it. Amazing cast, great cinematography, unique premises and lots of laughs. I think it’s great to see a zombie-apocalypse movie where humanity is improved as a result. What would you do with your own zombie servant? I’d get him to fold laundry. I have laundry.

    I also got the chance to review this movie on my Horror Movie Review blog. Take a look if you get a chance, I can always use some feedback from another critic.


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