The Avengers

The Avengers is undoubtedly the first great summer blockbuster of the season.  Seriously, everything you’ve heard has been correct.

I’m actually kind of speechless here, I mean what’s there to say?  It’s well written, well acted, and it wasn’t too overdone.  There was character development where there needed to be, and it finally took Joss Whedon himself to fix Bruce Banner/Hulk, played by the very talented Mark Ruffalo (a character who turned out to be my personal favorite).  The best part was I didn’t even see Thor or Captain America and I still understood what was going on.   Like I said, the rumors are true.  Check it out.

Final Grade: A

Now to wait for The Dark Knight Rises….

…I’ll just leave this here.


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  1. I dunno if Batman is gonna beat this. This movie is seriously amazing. And I will keep giving them my money as long as it is still playing in theaters.

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