Despicable Me

Despicable Me is the story of an old-school French/Russian/Frussian(?) villain named Gru (Steve Carell) – and by old-school, I mean classic mansion, secret lab, minions (who look kinda like jelly-bean-tater-tots, one of which is Flight of the Conchords member Jemaine Clement – who knew?), mad scientist partner (Russell Brand), and a slew of endangered animal furniture.  Gru’s reputation is at stake when a younger, Mandarkesque manchild of a villain named Vector (Jason Segel) shows him up and the race is on to steal the moon.  Somewhere in the mix, Gru pawns some cute orphans into his scheme and gets more than he bargains for – oh the shenanigans!

     Personally, I really dug the concept of the film before I knew there were orphans involved.  I was like, “quirky villain movie, I could get into this,” and then, “HOLY CRAP HE JUST PUNCHED A SHARK!”  But once small children enter the plot, the dookie just hits the fan, dunnit it?  A simple concept add-on becomes a completely predictable farce.  Side note: as weird as this is, the more I think about the two villains’ (Gru and the moon and Vector and his fish) obsessions, the more Frueidian this movie gets…huh.  Must investigate further.   (And you folk looking deep between the lines for some pedo-ties, seriously, get your mind out of that “deep” gutter.  I looked – there’s really nothing there, everything else is pushing it.)

     But, I really did dig the characters, Gru and Dr. Nofario in particular.  I thought the casting was great – totally didn’t know that was our beloved Julie Andrews behind Gru’s ever-disapproving mom.  The minions…well, people can’t seem to stop going on about them…personally I found them kinda hit and miss as far as their comedy bits went.  But if you really think you’ll love them, folks, sit through the credits.  Animation was good, too – I liked how you could really see Steve Carell in Gru’s face.  And yeh know, the story was pretty original.  Was.  As mentioned, once the kids were tossed in, everything just kinda fell apart, plot-wise.  Still doesn’t make it any less of a kinda sweet belated Father’s Day film.

     So, Despicable Me?  How’s about Predictable Me!  HAhahahaha…ahhhhh oh god I need to see Inception.


Final Grade: B-

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  1. Hi Reel Girl,
    I reely agree about the minions. They’re only entertaining if you’re the correct age the ywere meant to entertain. This is disappointing for me because looking at Disney movies, and some of the enriching Pixar films, adults can still enjoy comedy characters. Examples, Timone and Pumba, Buzz Lightyear, Scuddle, Lumiere and Cogsworth, the insects in Bug’s Life, etc. Although characters created for children, enjoyed by adults. The minions fell far short for me, they’re fun at first, but their focus (especially in #2) just drives me out of the story.

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