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     Not sure I ought to give a synopsis here, being that I don’t want to give away anything more than what a trailer would give on this one, so…yeah.

     INCEPTION.  Holy crap, this movie’s really good.  In all honesty I am kicking myself for not seeing this sooner.  Not as mind-warping as expected – I mean, I followed it really well, but for lack of a better word, this movie’s incredible.  It’s stuffed to the teeth with brilliant story lines and visuals and just plain old originality.  And the acting is just as superb – I just wish Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be more recognized by now (if you haven’t, check him out in Brick and The Lookout); I also kinda wish the movie could’ve gone more into his story.  Oh, side note: Odd for them to choose Edith Piaf’s "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" and also have the film feature Edith herself, Marion Coltiard.  But again, I really don’t want to say too much about this one, y’all seriously have to see it for yourselves if you haven’t already.
     And some people are kinda iffy about the ending.  I personally wouldn’t change a thing.  I don’t know the real truth there, but it honestly doesn’t bother me, I just love it more and more.  It just goes to show the fine line between illusion and reality, and opens the door to all sorts of philosophical discussion.   
     In the meantime, I have some Nolan to catch up on.  Excuse me, I have some watching to do.

So as far as Inception goes, the rumors are true.  This movie is amazing.

Final Grade: A 

Despicable Me

Despicable Me is the story of an old-school French/Russian/Frussian(?) villain named Gru (Steve Carell) – and by old-school, I mean classic mansion, secret lab, minions (who look kinda like jelly-bean-tater-tots, one of which is Flight of the Conchords member Jemaine Clement – who knew?), mad scientist partner (Russell Brand), and a slew of endangered animal furniture.  Gru’s reputation is at stake when a younger, Mandarkesque manchild of a villain named Vector (Jason Segel) shows him up and the race is on to steal the moon.  Somewhere in the mix, Gru pawns some cute orphans into his scheme and gets more than he bargains for – oh the shenanigans!

     Personally, I really dug the concept of the film before I knew there were orphans involved.  I was like, “quirky villain movie, I could get into this,” and then, “HOLY CRAP HE JUST PUNCHED A SHARK!”  But once small children enter the plot, the dookie just hits the fan, dunnit it?  A simple concept add-on becomes a completely predictable farce.  Side note: as weird as this is, the more I think about the two villains’ (Gru and the moon and Vector and his fish) obsessions, the more Frueidian this movie gets…huh.  Must investigate further.   (And you folk looking deep between the lines for some pedo-ties, seriously, get your mind out of that “deep” gutter.  I looked – there’s really nothing there, everything else is pushing it.)

     But, I really did dig the characters, Gru and Dr. Nofario in particular.  I thought the casting was great – totally didn’t know that was our beloved Julie Andrews behind Gru’s ever-disapproving mom.  The minions…well, people can’t seem to stop going on about them…personally I found them kinda hit and miss as far as their comedy bits went.  But if you really think you’ll love them, folks, sit through the credits.  Animation was good, too – I liked how you could really see Steve Carell in Gru’s face.  And yeh know, the story was pretty original.  Was.  As mentioned, once the kids were tossed in, everything just kinda fell apart, plot-wise.  Still doesn’t make it any less of a kinda sweet belated Father’s Day film.

     So, Despicable Me?  How’s about Predictable Me!  HAhahahaha…ahhhhh oh god I need to see Inception.


Final Grade: B-

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The Crazies

The Crazies, a remake of a 1973 Romero film, has finally reared its funky head onto DVD, thus I finally got to check it out.  I’ll just first start off with that I’ve never seen the original so I will never allude to it again, but will keep the Romero radar on.  However, judging by the fact that the only other Breck Eisner film I’ve heard of was Sahara (oh boy), I have to say he’s greatly improved.

     So if you’re like me and haven’t seen the original, here’s an itty synopsis: tiny bohunk town gets hit with HUGE *spoiler alert* government enabled */spoiler alert* virus that causes some kinda lethal insanity, and you, the loyal audience, follows the heroes throughout.

     Yep, screams Romero, dunnit it?  Unfortunately, it also tends to scream 28 Days Later, but I will give this team props for basing this virus off of previously existing viruses, as well as giving it noticeable stages and symptoms.  And I dug the cast; they were well-played unknowns, apart from Across the Universe cutie Joe Anderson (that’s right, I recognized you).  And yeh know, the visual effects were also pretty good.

     Thing is, it’s kinda predictable, like most movies like this: they break the wrong rules; carry many medical plot-holes (despite previously stated recognition); and just leaves me with a meh feeling, because I’ve seen all this stuff with many other infection movies.

The Crazies: This is the enemy’s bio-weapon?

Final Grade: C+

“…Sorry, wrong set.”