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The Princess and the Frog

Yeh know, I really had some hope here. I thought, with the addition of their traditional animators and an untouched tale, Disney could bring back their old-school vibe that was lost after a franchise of crappy live-action films, most of which featured their own attractions or talking animals. Don’t get me wrong, some of these films are pretty decent, but they simply don’t match the caliber of the original films that created their family-friendly legacy. Oh the excitement of nostalgia!

Fail Disney, epic fail. The movie was cheesy and 100% predictable. The only tolerable bit was the villain, a voodoo priest named Dr. Facilier (Keith David), and he was one badass MF. Other than that, it’s some unmemorable tunes, talking animals, and butt jokes. And then they play out the climax like this was a serious Disney film, like it was The Lion King or something. *Spoiler alert* I mean really, do they really expect me to mourn the death of a Cajun firefly who makes butt jokes?

But at least I can give Disney some credit for giving us a well-animated story about a heroine who actually works hard for what she wants in life…not unlike Mulan. Wow, that even had the thing about her dad in that…so much for originality. They also payed a little homage to The Lion King, with the fireflies in the sky and all that. Jeezus.

Final Grade: C-  

I believe Tiana has the right idea about this one.