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Sherlock Holmes

This tale unravels as Holmes (the always tantalizing Robert Downey, Jr.) and trusted Dr. Watson (Jude Law – interesting choice, but it works) are hunting down the mysterious Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) who is notorious for dabbling in the dark arts, back from the dead and hell-bent on taking over England. Holmes is seemingly way in over his head, but we know something like that isn’t even fathomable.
Personally, I was intrigued by this new take on the classic detective. I was sort of raised on the more pristine air of Basil Rathbone and his rather bumbling Dr. Watson. But thanks to Guy Ritchie, we have a wonderfully reinvented tale to gander upon. Don’t worry fans, this Sherlock’s still as eccentric and brilliant as always, and when it comes to his relationship with Watson, that wonderful “married couple” bickering is near-constant, along with the endearing portrayal of their friendship. Hey, there’s even Adler and their dog…whatever his name was. However, I can’t help but think that this film is more for Ritchie fans than Doyle fans.
Needless to say, Downey acts more upon the brashness of his character, but that’s highly expected – not to mention, far more entertaining. As mentioned, I was a little iffy on Law, but he gave a very impressive performance. Know what, everyone was really great – I have to admit that Rachel McAdams threw me off a bit, but she came through in the end. Could I see her and Holmes as an ex-couple? Not so much – there really wasn’t much chemistry there, even for a pair of exes.
      So let’s see here…the actors were great, enthralling story, gorgeous cinematography and costumes…. Seems great, but something about this movie was lacking. I think Ritchie was going more for the action and extravaganza than Victorian charm. Maybe. Not sure. This film simply isn’t as memorable as it should be, even with the excellent lead performances. Or maybe I just have a thing for Robert Downey, Jr. Your call.

 Final Grade: A-

…Ehm…eh…I’ve got nothing.