Basically, the story of Zombieland is basically that of any z-flick: zombie apocalypse, minimal survival, one man’s/group’s journey. Except this is more like America’s response to 2004’s British cult smash Shaun of the Dead. But anyway, Zombieland mainly focuses through the perspective of our young hero simply known as Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), who has survived what he’s come to terms with as Zombieland for some time now, living off of his own set of rules. He ventures off to find his family in Columbus, Ohio, when he meets a man called Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) – an enthusiastic zombie hater who is hell-bent on destroying every zombie he encounters, and finding a last remaining Twinkie. Their means of survival suddenly hit a rut when they encounter a suspicious pair of siblings, known as Wichita (Emma Stone) and her little sister, Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), who have plans of their own.
     And despite that it follows with the usual attributes of a z-flick, there was some great original ideas – such as the fact that the movie starts sometime after the zombie apocalypse sort-of-thing and goes about how one can cope with such an existence, which can’t help but remind me of The Zombie Survival Guide – not that it’s much like it. Zombieland is just as exciting as it is hilarious, and it is destined to please any Romero fan. And there is a fantastic cameo that is just entirely amazing – stick around after the credits, you won’t regret it.
     And yet, despite its gore-filled flawlessness, there is one thing that just irks me. That thing that makes me wonder, “What? WHY?” – followed with a “NO!”   And the thing of which I speak goes by the name of Jesse Eisenberg. Remembering him from his The Squid and the Whale days, he was such a creep. Seriously, I didn’t know how to relate to this guy. I mean, he was good, if creepy was what he was aiming for, but I expected him to sort of stick to indie – he belongs there. And here he is, in both Adventureland and Zombieland (weird) – the lead cute-and-nerdy guy. Only my problem is, he’s not cute whatsoever. If anything, he’s that awkward guy in the back of the class that people are only nice to in order to insure that they’re not the first he takes out when he snaps. I bet he’s a nice guy, but I think I’d rather see him as the awkward outcast than the awkward hero. Why don’t they just go with the default cute-and-nerdy go-to-guy Michael Cera? Because honestly, I have no idea how or why this guy’s getting laid in all of his movies (or in Zombieland’s case, almost). It’s just so unrealistic, even for a movie with a zombie-clown.


Final Grade: A

(Because I won’t let Eisenberg drag this thing down.)

There’s a Visine for that.



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