9 is a story about a dystopia built by happenstance – all humans are dead and technology’s the only form of life left. A small robotic doll awakes to this world, thrown into a story of the fate of existence – which is entirely left in his tiny hands.

I have to hand it to 9 for its remarkable use of creativity. The story is original, and each of the stitchpunk dolls has their own unique personality – the origin of which is a complete mystery until the end. The animation is brilliant. Just brilliant.  The dark atmosphere emitted from the screen is haunting to say the least. It could be argued that there could be more dead humans around, but the lack of visual stimuli is what makes the scenery so grotesque. Not to mention, the adversaries that our little protagonists faced where equally creative and terrifying.

However, despite such creative advantage, the story itself lacked definition. The plot was forgettable, dragging a bit often. It was like I wanted to grab the controls and take over this videogame and move on. Personally, I prefer director Shane Acker’s 2005 original short (www.movieweb.com/video/VIC7UEFHbP8HGF) to a full-length deal.  Alas, without the entire thing we miss out on the amazing character relationships, so there’s a plus.

In all, 9 is a quirky little film with an incredibly dark edge – if only it didn’t drag so much….


Final Grade: B



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